Day 2 - Quiet development

Day 2 - quiet development

What happens on the next day

The fertilised eggs should by now have formed either two or four cell embryo.  We don’t check the embryos routinely on day two as we don’t want to disturb your embryos unnecessarily. They are much better left alone to develop as well as they can in most cases. 

In some situations, there are reason why we might need to check on day two.  We use a standard national scheme to grade each embryo. This allows us to give you an indication of their quality.   Each embryo is an individual and we don’t expect all of them to be top grade, it's normal to have a mixture of grades. 

People routinely become pregnant using embryos we have not graded highly so don’t be downhearted if we have not graded your embryos as top quality.  The main thing is that they are healthy and continuing to develop.

If we have made a day two assessment of your embryos, we’ll call you between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00 to let you know how things have gone so again, keep close to that phone.