What can you expect from the IVF process?

Cambridge IVF consultant Miriam Baumgarten is featured on Cambridge News Health Supplement this week.

Miriam joined Cambridge IVF last year. She is originally from the Netherlands and trained in fertility treatment in Brussels in one of the world’s best known centres.

Miriam talks about the IVF process and how to prepare for it.

Once somebody has decided to have IVF or other fertility treatment the first step is the initial consultation.

At this meeting one of my consultant colleagues or I will review your history and discuss all available test results. We require tests such as hormone levels, semen analysis, pelvic ultrasound, and we might suggest additional testing or the need to repeat some tests. The next stage in the process is determining which drugs to use and which dosage.

Whilst the treatment process is very similar from woman to woman the psychological effect of the process can vary. Many women will feel very anxious ahead of treatment and this is why it's important that you've chosen a clinic that you're comfortable with and where you feel comfortable talking to the staff.

We're happy to talk to couples every step of the way, helping to explain what's going on and making sure that the wishes of the couple are factored in to treatment decisions.

Many couples find it beneficial to talk to one of our independent counsellors. We know how important it is to have enough time to talk through your thoughts and concerns, and particularly how important it is to have somebody to talk to if your treatment is not successful.

You can read the full article here on the Cambridge News website.

Tuesday 27 July 2015