Sometimes conception needs a helping hand

Our Consultant Embryologist Stephen Harbottle, and Andrologist Ruth Harman were both featured on the Health Supplement of Cambridge News this week.

Stephen Harbottle talks about assisted conception and treatment procedures:

“Assisted conception is commonly referred to as ‘IVF’, or ‘in vitro fertilisation’ and is also referred to as ‘test tube babies’. In truth, it has been almost 20 years since the procedure was carried out in test tubes and modern assisted conception occurs in small plastic dishes known as petri dishes. There are many variants of assisted conception we can use tailored to an individual’s needs and we always aim to use the least invasive treatment possible which will give the best chance of success in every individual case.''

''Extensions to IVF include ICSI and IMSI. ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) is an effective treatment where male factor infertility has been identified and when IVF treatment has been unsuccessful for other reasons while ICSI involves the selection of sperm for direct injection into each egg.''

Ruth Harman introduces Andrology, which is a branch of medicina that is concerned with men's health:

''By analysing the man’s sample I’m able to identify if there are any abnormalities with the sperm and, where there is, my findings are then used to help plan the most appropriate next course of action.''

''We see about 200 men each month at Cambridge IVF. Male fertility is not uncommon and I would urge men who think they might have a problem to see their GP as soon as possible to be referred for diagnostic semen analysis.''

Follow the link to view the full article on the Cambridge News website

Tuesday 23 June 2015