Planning for your treatment

Is there anything I can do to plan for my treatment after the pandemic?

We are continuing to offer consultations by Skype or telephone. If you already have a recent ultrasound scan and semen analysis (if not using donor sperm), we should be able conduct a full consultation and discuss the plan for your treatment as soon as we are allowed. If you have not completed your investigations a consultation can still be valuable; not least to offer advice and support as well as planning the investigations as soon as we are able.


How will I know when my clinic can treat me?

Our plan is to keep in regular contact with you and to keep you informed as things progress. We will also keep our website up to date, but if you have any specific questions, please contact us.


Will I need to repeat my blood tests before treatment?

Depending on how much time passes before we can initiate your treatment, we may need to repeat some of your blood tests. We will aim to minimise this and also the costs associated with it.                                                                   


Will there be a waiting list for treatment after the pandemic and how would Cambridge IVF handle this, if so?

It is hard to anticipate what the future holds but if we do experience a backlog of patients wanting to have treatment after the pandemic, we will proceed as soon as we can with treatments which have already been planned.  We will also work as efficiently as possible to see everybody wanting treatment.


Will frozen embryos be safe if clinics aren't open for treatments?

Definitely. Our Embryologists will be continuing to regularly monitor and maintain our storage tanks which hold sperm, eggs or embryos. They are also continuously electronically monitored for liquid nitrogen level and temperature, and alarmed.