Andrology service

This page contains information for patients. For referral information and forms please click here.

The service:

The andrology laboratory at Cambridge IVF is a specialist laboratory providing diagnosis and treatment of the infertile couple.

The laboratory’s main function is to provide diagnostic semen analysis, serving both the needs of Cambridge IVF and our patients and to General Practitioners in Cambridge and the wider surrounding region.

Cambridge IVF has also established a gamete cryo-storage facility (sperm bank) which provides a vital service to you and to oncology practitioners as well as storing and providing donor sperm for use in assisted conception procedures.

Please call 01223 349017 to make an appointment.

Please note,  lines are open Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00.

Opening hours:

Appointments are available to those who are having a semen analysis between the hours of 9:00 - 15:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and between 08:00-18:30 on Tuesday and Thursday (excl. Bank Holidays). Out of hours cover is only provided for urgent sperm banking referrals.

Cambridge IVF does not operate a sample ‘Drop off Service’. Semen analysis is a time critical test and specimens must be either produced on site or dropped off at the pre-arranged time.

Self-funded semen analysis:

You may choose to pay for a private diagnostic semen analysis. This is available as one of our fertility health check services. Visit our page on fertility health checks to find out more information.