Support groups

We have put together links to organizations providing support around a variety of fertility related topics. If you know of other sites you’d like to suggest, please feel free to tell us about them, using the form below.

Please note, all the organizations below are completely independent of Cambridge IVF. While we hope you find them useful, we do not endorse any of the information on these sites. If you are seeking medical advice, please speak with the staff at Cambridge IVF responsible for your care.

ACeBabes is a support network for people who have been successful through fertility treatment, surrogacy or adoption. 

BICA  (British Infertility Counselling Association) is the only professional association for infertility counsellors and counselling in the UK. Their website includes tips for choosing the right counsellor and a search for counsellors.

Counselling Directory
Counselling Directory is a confidental service that encourages those in distress to seek help. The directory contains information on many differnt types of distress, as well as articles, news, and events.

The Daisy Network
The Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support Group is a registered charity for women who have experienced a premature menopause. Their website provides information about premature menopause and the issues around it and includes a discussion forum.

Donor Conception Network
A national support group for people who have conceived through donation and those considering it. They can give you advice and support and also the chance to meet parents with donor-conceived children.

Fertility Friends
Fertility Friends is a free online support network, created by volunteers and run by volunteers. It features popular online forums as well as useful information about infertility.

Infertility Network
The largest fertility network in the UK offering information and advice by phone and face-to-face. It has groups throughout the country and also produces a range of publications on infertility.

The Miscarriage Association
The Miscarriage Association is a registered national charity founded by a group of people who had experienced miscarriage and offering support and information to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, to raise awareness and to promote good practice in medical care.

More to Life
More to Life is the largest national charity providing support to those who live involuntarily childless. The main goal is to help our members to move on and to find a new way of life that is joyful and satisfying.

National Gamete Donation Trust
A national government-funded charity set up to raise awareness of and seek ways to alleviate the national shortage of sperm, egg and embryo donors. It provides useful publications for donors and recipients including information on donation and the law.

Verity is the UK charity for women whose lives are affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a self-help group run by and for women with PCOS.