Three-parent IVF: Dr Alka Prakash explains the benefits

Dr Alka Prakash on three-parent IVF

Our Lead Consultant Dr Alka Prakash was on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning (3 February) talking about three-parent IVF. Listen to Alka explaining what Mitochondrial disease is and how this new technique could give parents the chance to have a child free of mitochondrial disease. 

Listen again to Dr Alka Prakash  talking about mitochondrial disease (interview 1hr 50m in).

Cambridge IVF’s Consultant Embryologist Stephen Harbottle developed the methodology for the three-parent IVF technique in Newcastle. This is a very highly-specialised branch of science which, if passed by the House of Commons, can only be offered in centres with the relevant expertise to carry it out, such as Cambridge IVF.  As Alka said in her radio interview, mitochondrial disease can be very debilitating.  If we can avoid it, then why shouldn’t we? 

Click here to listen to Alka's interview (at 1hr 50m).

Tuesday 3 February 2015