Stephen Harbottle and Dr Alka Prakash on BBC Radio Cambs

Stephen and Alka on BBC Radio Cambs

1 in 7 couple have difficulty getting pregnant, our consultant embryologist Stephen Harbottle and lead consultant Dr Alka Prakash were on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show this morning raising awareness for infertility.

We see over 100 couples a month across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

- Dotty McLeod goes on to ask Stephen why is infertility such a problem, and has it always been like this.

Stephen says ''I think infertility has always been an issue, but it's been an issue that people have been reluctant to talk about, there's always been a certain stigma associated with it. We are trying to promote openess and awareness about infertility so that the public can get information that they need early on and hopefully get the treatment that they need to successfully achieve a pregnancy sooner rather than later in life.''

- Dotty then goes on to ask Alka if it's tough having people come up to you desperate to have a child and it's not working for them.

Alka says ''It is indeed, but at the same time what we worry about more is when people don't even approach us, they don't even contact us because there is so much available that can be used to help these couples and it's a very small percentage where we are absolutely unable to do much for them. Even in these couples, there are alternatives that can be used to help them achieve a child or a pregnancy that can change their family life completely. So the key message here is, it's a common problem, patients are not alone in that, and don't feel worried or scared to contact your GP, or contact us because there is help to hand.''

Stephen joined the team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in 2009 as part of the team design and build team bringing the Cambridge IVF vision to life and designing what has become one of the finest examples of an IVF laboratory in the world.  He has over 20 years direct hands-on experience in embryology and diagnostic andrology. Stephen took on the role of Consultant Embryologist and Person Responsible at Cambridge IVF in December 2014.

Dr Prakash  joined Cambridge IVF in 2011, bringing with her over five years of experience in reproductive medicine and surgery. Alka’s specialist area of interest is the role of endometrium in pregnancy and implantation failure. Alka has been invited speaker and contributes to the annual RCOG (Royal college of obstetrics and gynaecology) subfertility course.

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Thursday 7 May 2015