Reduction of NHS IVF to one cycle for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough patients

Cambridge IVF is disappointed to learn that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group has reduced IVF provision from two cycles to one with immediate effect. This will have a devastating effect on people struggling to conceive and looking to have IVF treatment, and is a huge departure from the NICE-recommended three cycles.

Our position is clear. We are against the 'postcode lottery' for the provision of IVF treatment. This move further exacerbates the issue of disparity of funding. Some people in the East of England are entitled to two cycles of IVF, some one and, in three CCG areas, there is no entitlement to IVF treatment at all, except in very specific circumstances.

We know that this news will be very worrying to people that we are currently treating through our NHS pathway in partnership with Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London, as well as those who are being treated by other centres. It will also be very distressing for those who had expected to benefit from two NHS funded cycles but will now only benefit from one. We have put together some questions and answers that we hope you may find helpful.

Will I be affected by this policy change?

If you and your partner are registered with a GP in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough you will likely fall under this policy change. You will be affected if you are referred for NHS-funded IVF.

I have started my first cycle of NHS-funded IVF already. Will I still be able to have a second funded cycle?

The CCG has said that any patients already referred will continue their treatment as per the previous policy. This would suggest that you would still be entitled to two funded cycles but is subject to confirmation from the CCG.

I have been referred but haven't yet started treatment. Will I be entitled to one cycle or two?

The CCG says that patients already referred will continue their treatment as per the previous policy.

What does 'referred' actually mean?

To count as being referred you must have chosen your preferred treatment provider and the referral made. If you are awaiting test results or their are other reasons why your referral is not ready for submission then you will fall under the new policy and only be entitled to a single cycle of treatment.