New timelapse system allows Cambridge IVF Embryologists to look at embryo development in real time!

Tuesday 6 November 2012 

As of the 6th November 2012 we will be in a position to offer our patients a radical new approach to embryo culture using the PRIMOVision time lapse embryo assessment system.  The way it works is we have a special camera and microscope installed into one of our incubators which will allow us to view a movie of the development of the embryos in the dish inside the incubator at any time, even from home in the middle of the night if we want to!  This will allow us to see not only the key stages in embryo development we look for already manually but also subtle changes in the way an embryo grows which we would not normally see as we cannot currently watch them 24/7.  Another key advantage of the system is we can view the embryos without the need to remove them from the warm and stable conditions of the incubator meaning more optimised conditions for embryo growth.

Evidence is rapidly growing globally to support the use of time lapse systems to make these assessments of embryos in real time (known as morphometric analysis to us people in the trade).  We have been watching the data closely and believe that this is the right time for Cambridge IVF to begin to offer this treatment option to our patients who we believe may benefit from it.

For more information on PRIMOVision and how it works contact one of the team here at Cambridge IVF.