New NHS funding contract due to be announced

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Cambridge IVF is the only NHS-run fertility treatment centre in the East of England and is keen to show off its facilities, just as the new NHS funding contract is due to be announced.

Recently, the Chair of Cambridge University Hospitals who runs Cambridge IVF, Jane Ramsey, and the Associate director of Women and Children’s Services, Amanda Cahn, were given an in depth tour and explanation of how the unit works. They were shown the purpose-built unit with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities including the reassuring IVF Witness identification system, Primovision’s time-lapse embryo development monitoring system, and the Embryoglue that all patients benefit from at Cambridge IVF to help boost their chances of conception.

They were also shown the patient treatment and monitoring areas which help to make this facility stand out as an excellent IVF treatment centre.

The funding allocation for IVF providers is due to be announced in April and Cambridge IVF’s bid is being processed alongside others. During the wait, some patients are having to travel to other places to complete their treatment. Cambridge IVF is keen to know if it will benefit from the NHS bid as the extra funds would allow it to give NHS patients their full treatment at the clinic using some of the best equipment and facilities available.