January health check offer

10% off fertility health checks

The stork isn't going to bring you a baby in 2016 but our fertility health checks may help to establish appropriate treatment options and help you on the road to conception.  With 10% off all health checks and initial consultations booked in January there is no better time to take the next step on your journey.

Our full health check includes a test to establish ovarian reserve, and ovarian ultrasound to estalish the health of the womb and ovaries and, where there is a male partner, a diagnostic semen analysis.  All health checks also include one hour with a fertility consultant with plenty of time to ask questions and get advice on your potential next steps.

Contact us on 01223 349010 for further information and to discuss whether a fertility health check might be right for you, or email us on enquiries@cambridgeivf.org.uk.  

The 10% off offer is valid for all fertility health checks booked before 31 January.

For further information on fertility health checks please click here