Clinicians tempt ‘IVF tourists’ to stay safe

We have created a new treatment package which we hope will tempt patients to have fertility in the UK and stay safe instead of using unregulated overseas clinics to cut-price IVF treatment.

Service Lead and Consultant Embryologist, Stephen Harbottle and Lead Consultant, Dr Alka Prakash talk about the new treatment package Cambridge IVF is offering with Cambridge Network.

Mr Harbottle said: ““There is a lot of concern that patients desperate to start a family don’t really know what they need, what they are paying for, or what is safe.While there are some excellent overseas clinics, some aren’t regulated in the same way they are here. One of the dangers is that too many embryos are transferred leading to unsafe and unviable pregnancies. Ironically, this later presents problems for the NHS who manage these difficult pregnancies when the patients return home.

Dr Prakash added: “It is every woman’s natural instinct to want children and it concerns us that some will go to any lengths to conceive, including using clinics that are not registered or offering treatments that are not clinically proven. We have worked hard to develop packages that compare well with any found online so that we can start a dialogue with woman around what is best for them, what is likely to deliver the results they so badly desire and, above all, what is safe.”

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