Cambridge IVF hosts event to help same-sex couples and individuals begin a family

For same-sex couples and single people wishing to start a family the options are not always straightforward.

But there are alternative options for parenting, including surrogacy, adoption and also fertility treatments for same-sex couples.

Dr Alka Prakash, lead consultant at Cambridge IVF, said: “For same-sex couples and single people wanting to conceive we are usually not looking at infertility. There is no new life without a sperm and an egg and of course these are not both present with couples of the same sex or if a single person wants to start a family by themselves.

“There are a number of ways that we can help with this. For a female couple we can use donor sperm. For the conception itself we have different methods we can use. Artificial insemination can enable conception to take place naturally. It can be done at home but I always advise against this.''

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